Elementary Days (Batang 90’s)

Blog time before bed time… People are usually excited for Friday to come since this is “Gimik day/Friday Night Out/Party Time” for some but definatly not me. Why? Because I’m still have a hang-over from 2 days vacations because of the APEC thing!

Well to tell you honestly the first time that APEC was hosted by the Philippines was in year 1996 during the term of the former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos – APEC 1996 that was during my elementary days kaya hindi ko pa ramdam ang epekto ng mga actions na ginagawa ng Government natin to ensure the security of the Delegates who joined the APEC Summit.

Speaking of Elementary days, I would like to recall my memories during those days. I was SUPER ACTIVE way back then, WHY???

I was a consistent in a star section except for Grade 1 (kasi sa sobrang hirap ako gisingin ng Nanay ko nakiusap sya sa school adviser ko to transfer me sa section 2 kasi panghapon pasok nila). Everyday bahay-school-bahay lang ako and take note ako ay hatid at sundo ng aking butihing Nanay. Our school is just a walking distance from our house kaya dati inggit ako sa mga classmates ka na sumasakay ng jeep. Anyway our class is every morning and all my extra-curricular activities naman sa hapon.

ACTIVITIES: Here are the list of my activities everyday:

  1. I was an active BEATINIAN member (it’s our school official newspaper. I used to write articles for the health section)
  2. Dance troupe member (Modern, Folk and Ballet) – we are the one who performed in all our school programs
  3. Choir member – I belong to SUPRANO group we do compete to other schools,
    and sing in all school programs and mass
  4. Majorette – I was choosen to be part of the pioneer members
  5.  Active Girls Scout
  6. Active YMCA and YWCA member
  7. Others… (meaning iba pa ang schedule pagkasali ako sa mga school program for our section)

Oh diba? Bata pa lang ang lola nyo super busy na ang peg! Hahahah! Those are the things that I cannot forget, super happy kasi I was given a chance to let people see my talent and meet lots of people kasi we used to go other schools and places

FRIENDSHIP: I was belong to a Famous group called “Bulilit BurGIRLS” it was named after the “Bulilit Burger” promo of Burger Machine where we used to hang out after attending Sunday Mass. Why we are famous? Well honor students, beautiful faces and talented lang naman ang members ng group namin na. Members are: our school Valedictorian, co-Choir and Dance troupe member, and active officer from other section san ka pa diba? Hahaha!!! Sila yung mga pinakamagagandang babae sa batch namin. (We had our small reunion last May 2010. At ito na kami ngayon)

WHAT’s IN: 10 things that will definitely remind you that you are a 90’s baby:

  1.  Sanrio Stuffs
  2.  Kool 106 (phone patch) the radio station is now DWET 106.7 Energy FM)
  3. Neon color/Maong/ Checkered clothes
  4. Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls
  5. Sketcher shoes
  6. Roller skates
  7. Autograph thingy
  8. Cartoons & Animated show (Part 1 & 2)
  9. Hair style & accessories
  10. Food & other stuffs

KILIG MOMENTS: Nauso na din that time ang salitang Puppy-love. I remember some of my boy classmates na literally na-link sa lola nyo Hahaha! Maalala pa kaya nila ako? We’ll some of them are still good friend of mine and some wala na talaga ako balita sa kanila:

  • Guy No. 1 He is my seatmate when we are in Gr.1 (under Mrs. Membrado) lagi sya napapagalitan ng Mama nya kasi lagi sya umiiyak dahil he doesn’t want to stay at the school without his mother. Ako lang daw ang nakapagpatahan sa kanya since then palagi na sya nakadikit sa akin hanggang Gr.6 nadala na ata nya yun. Hahahah!!! Note: He is my dancing partner.
  • Guy No. 2 My mom and his Mom are super close he used to stayed at our house after our class. This guy is super funny I can still remember his maling word na “KINLAYAN”  instead of “KINAWAYAN”(This was during our field trip) Note: He is my ultimate childhood crush. He transferred to other school right after the end of our School Year (Grade 2)
  • Guy No. 3 He is the son of our English teacher (Mrs. Morris) I was one of the favorite student of her mom (assuming?!? Hahaha!!!) His mom always asked me to accompany him that’s the reason kung bakit kami naging close. Note: After a year he was transferred to other school because they are moving to their new house.
  • Guy No. 4 Since my childhood crush transferred to other school this guy naman was transferred from Bacolod to our school. Their familiy are came from Bacolod. Super naging close kaagad kami and even sila ng mom ko. Super lambing at super hilig nya kasi kami patawanin. Maybe that is one of the reason kung bakit lagi na din kami ang partner sa lahat ng school activity for our section. Note: He was my partner when I was crowned Ms. Nutrition during our Nutrition month program (Grade 4)
  • Guy No. 5 This guy was from other section he was given a chance to transfer to our section. Siya yung super kabaligtaran ko Hahaha! Now I realized san nagmana anak ko) according to him I was the reason why he was able to loosen up. Note: Everyday sya nagbi-bike at dumadaan sa tapat ng house namin and many times ko din sya nahuli na nakatingin sa bintana namin. Lol
  • Guy No. 6  The last but not the least. Ito na talaga ang pinaka naging ka puppy love team ko nuon. Our teachers and class/schoolmates called him HAPON why??? Kasi like me, chinky eyes din sya but magkaiba lang shape ng eyes namin. His cousin was my classmate and used to be my best friend when I was at Gr.5 his cousin is the one who told me that this guys has a huge crush on me. He is very consistent in making pa-cute everytime we saw each other along the hallway or during the palitan ng classroom. He also keep on sending me love letters (In fairness maganda ang penmanship nya, mas maganda pa sa sulat ko) and lagi din sya tumatawag sa bahay namin. One time we had our school field trip, he called me a day before the trip and dahil sobrang nakulitan na ako sa kanya binagsakan ko sya ng telepono. Unlucky me  because during our field trip magkasama pa kami sa isang bus. While we are tour when we go back to our respective busses our Math Teacher (Ms. Catacutan) noticed him, he looks pale and keeps on vomitting. During that time I was sitting at the front next to his adviser which is Ms. Catacutan called him and asked him to transfer to sit next to me. O diba? Ang saya lang, parang sobrang lakas ata nya magdasal at sa sobrang kakaiwas ko e tinabi pa sya sa akin. So to make the story short, naawa ako kaya inalagaan ko sya and I also apologized for being rude. Note: Sya ang reason kung bakit muntik ko ng maging mortal na kaaway ang Valedictorian namin who happened to have a huge crush on him.. Hahahaha!

Those are the things and memories that  I could’t forget during my elementary days (90’s Days).

Anyway, I would like to use this opportunity to say THANK YOU! Sa lahat ng friends, class/batchmate ko and to all our Teachers who had been part of  who I’am today.

Ikaw anu ang memorable elementary moments mo?


Grade 1 – Section 2 (Mrs. Membrado)


Grade 2 – Section 1 (Ms. Duldulao & Ms. Laurente)


Grade 4 – Section 1 (Mrs. Pastrana)


Grade 3 – Section 1 (Mrs. Astorga)


Grade 5 – Section 1 (Mrs. Gara)


Grade 6 – Section 1 (Ms. Magallanes)

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